Yiddish in Paris 2018

The 9th Summer Program for Yiddish Language and Literature in Paris will be held at the Paris Yiddish Center – Medem Library from July 23rd to August 10th, 2018.

Since 1997, the Paris Yiddish Centre – Medem Library has organised an international summer program every third year, under the pedagogical direction of Yitskhok Niborski. For three weeks, the Paris Yiddish Centre hosts students from all around the world in the heart of Paris, offering a rich program of language courses and cultural activities. The workshops, conferences and film screenings enable students to strengthen their Yiddish language skills while connecting with other Yiddishists from faraway lands.


In addition to our long-established offerings of four levels of language and literature classes ranging from beginner to high advanced, we will be instating a new, unique program: a three-week pedagogical training seminar for emerging Yiddish teachers.

Space is limited – register now !


Edit“Levels and Teachers”

Teaching staff under the pedagogical direction of Yitskhok Niborski:

Level 1

Sonia Pinkusowicz-Dratwa (Martin Buber Institute, Brussels) and Karolina Szymaniak (Jewish Historical Institute, Warsaw).

Level 2

Helen Beer (University College, London) and Sonia Pinkusowicz-Dratwa.

Level 3

Sharon Bar-Kochva (Paris Yiddish Center) and Natalia Krynicka (Paris Yiddish Center).

Level 4

Helen Beer and Natalia Krynicka

Seminar for Yiddish teachers

Yitskhok Niborski (Paris Yiddish Center) and Karolina Szymaniak

Tutoring and orientation

Annick Prime-Margules (Paris Yiddish Center).


Edit“Afternoon Programming”


  • Yiddish Song with Shura Lipovsky
  • Theatrical Improvisation with Tal Hever-Chybowski
  • Folklore and Ethnography with Valentina Fedchenko
  • Advanced Grammar with Aron Waldman
  • Conversation for Beginners with Régine Nebel
  • Conversation for Intermediate and Advanced Students with Sharon Bar-Kochva, Natalia Krynicka and Karolina Szymaniak
  • Research Tools with Reyze (Ri) Turner
  • Cooking with Annick Prime-Margules

Guided tours :

Yiddish Paris

Lectures in Yiddish, French and English

Film screenings




Full tuition: 680 €.
Tuition for students under 30: 480 €.
Scholarships are available (priority will be given to students, but others are also welcome to apply).

Registration for levels 1-4:

Choice of Level

When you register, please indicate the level that is likely to suit you best. Please note, however, that the Paris Yiddish Center may decide to place you in a different level for pedagogical reasons.

Conditions of cancellation

If you cancel your registration before June 23rd, 2018, you will receive a refund, minus an administration fee of 50 €. If you cancel after June 23rd, no refund will be possible.


Financial aid is available.  Priority will be given to students under the age of 30. To apply for a scholarship, please send us a cover letter describing your background, interests, and goals, by email to zumer@yiddishweb.com. For those who wish to join the 3rd or 4th level class, please write the letter in Yiddish.


You are invited to register on the site Helloasso (link below). When you are ready to pay, the website will suggest that you contribute a “tip” in order to support the functioning of the Helloasso website. This “tip” (and its amount) is completely optional. You can change the amount using the button provided before you validate your payment.

Contribute to the scholarship fund using Helloasso

The site will also suggest that you add an optional donation to support the Paris Yiddish Center – Medem Library. If you wish to contribute, please know that your donation will go toward the funds that enable us to provide scholarships to students who will be attending the summer course.


Registration for the course for Yiddish teachers:

In order to apply for the pedagogical seminar, please send us a cover letter written in Yiddish, accompanied by your CV, to the email address zumer@yiddishweb.com.